Getting naked with Get dirty NY

Awesome giveaway

Avi Y R

Hi luvs,

Lately I’ve been trying out the Get Dirty NY coffee scrub. I have been eyeing all of these coffee scrubs on instagram thinking to myself how funny, I have been using my coffee grounds this way before it was a thing. I am a coffee addict. The only thing I love more than coffee is probably wine and chocolate but you can’t really have 10 cups of wine or chocolate daily without someone telling you something about it. I also love coconut oil. I have been using it for as long as I can remember, some of my oldest memories are of my mom and dad making coconut oil. When I saw that Get Dirty NY incorporated my two favorite home made beauty products I had to try it.

This scrub is made with locally sourced Arabica Coffee (mmmm), unrefined virgin coconut oil, unrefined sweet almond oil and…

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Birthday Giveaway

Avi Y R



1 Beutelbag tote

1 Claraluxa 24k gold serum

1 120 shade eyeshadow pallet

1 sumbody skincare mani pedi set

1 Foley Soap Company bath set (with bath bomb)

1 Alakaban tea set

1 beauganics cream set

1 bano cosmetic task mask

1 skerderm face mask

1 ELF exfoliator

1 purlisse BB cream

Plus other items in picture. There will be 1 additional item added for every 1000 unique entries and a second prize and winner if I reach 35k before the end of this giveaway.

Comment your Instagram handle below to receive your bonus entry (blog subscribers only)

Good luck



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50 Christmas Gifts under £50

The Style Compulsion


I’ve finally compiled a list of my top 50 gifts for £50! It’s taken me absolutely ages to create this post as I was conscious to cover all ground and try to include something for everyone. The majority of these gifts would be mostly suited to the ladies in your life, however my main aim of this gift guide was to create a guide that included amazing presents for those on more of a budget as I know I definitely will be this year. As a student, I find it bizarre that the majority of gift guides list luxury presents with extortionate price tags and although I know that these are amazing if you have no budget, not all of us can afford extremely pricey gifts and therefore I hope that this guide is helpful if you want to buy lovely gifts with less damage to your bank account!

  1. There’s Something About Bathing – £46.95
  2. Diptyque Baies…

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